Trish Lober | About
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Who is Trish Lober?

One could give a run down of her past history and accomplishments, such as this: she is a seasoned singer-songwriter who copyrighted her first song at age 13, performed with several pop bands, studied at the famous Berklee College of Music, had a publishing contract with a Memphis publishing company, released an EP (2004) and two singles (2012 and 2014) . . . but who is Trish Lober today?


Here’s how one who knows her well would answer:


She is woman passionate about encouraging people to know God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

She is enthusiastic about seeing lives transformed by reading and meditating on God’s Word.

She is zealous about understanding bible prophecy in light of current events.

And . . . she can’t lift up the name of Jesus enough. Because of this, Trish desires to see God-centered, true worship of the King of Kings restored to the church in this final hour.


Trish believes that we are in the last of the “last days” of which the bible teaches and that Jesus Christ will be coming soon in full glory for His church. So, after many long years of preparation – time spent alone with God, worshiping and steeping in His presence, feeding on His Word and feasting on His faithfulness, she is launching a new chapter of her music and ministry: to prepare, along with many others, the hearts of God’s people for Christ’s soon return.