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Hello friends!

I wanted to stop in and let you know that I’m getting ready to start recording my new project within the next few weeks! The Lord has made it crystal clear as to what this project is to be … and I couldn’t be more about it!

I’m asking for your prayers. Pray against distractions/illness/life happenings that would delay this project any further. Also pray for the finances for any additional songs, marketing expenses, and all other expenses incurred. As independent artists, we do it all ourself … however this is God’s project. He has and will continue to provide!

Please keep checking my FB page for updates. FB makes it so that you have to pay if you want everyone to see your posts (if they haven’t set their page to receive all notifications), so just go to my page from time to time. I also want to share my thoughts about things that we see happening in our country/world, so I’ll post a link to the blog on FB too …

So that’s the update. Thanks so much for your interest/support of my music/ministry and thank you so very much for your prayers. They mean the world to me!

Until He comes – stay watchful!


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